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Revolutionary technologies

Laser Screed leveling and screeding machines have genuinely revolutionized the construction of large bay floor slabs. The machines enable large areas of concrete floor to be placed with few construction joints and high levels of surface tolerance.

Importantly, these tolerances can be achieved every time, so clients can plan and design buildings such as distribution centers, high rack warehouses and storage depots with absolute confidence in the flatness and levelness of their floors.

3D-system3-D Profiler system is a technological breakthrough which allows concrete to be placed over contoured sites automatically using a Laser Screed. The highly accurate Laser Screeding of concrete, until now restricted to single and dual plane applications, is now available to meet the demands of real 3-dimensional paving.

SXP-12 and STS-132

When the floor project is provided the application of dry-shake materials for hardening of surface, so Laser Screed technology can be added to mechanized filling of dry-shake materials with the help of Topping Spreader without productivity loss up to 5000 m2 per day.

The detailed technical information you can find on website Somero Enterprises www.somero.com

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