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SXP Laser Screed

The X-treme Platform SXP Laser Screed is based on a four-wheel drive, all-wheel steer, chassis tractor unit, which carries a 360 rotating platform with a telescopic boom. At the end of the boom is a screed head consisting of a plough and auger to cut the concrete to level and a vibrating beam to compact it. This rotating screed head makes it possible of concrete installation around obstacles (mineshafts, column and so on).

This screed head is controlled by a laser-guided automatic control system, which ensures the concrete is laid to the exact level and finish required. Two receivers on the screed head pick up signals from a static laser transmitter that provides a constant reference to the datum level. The signal is used to automatically adjust the hydraulic cylinders that operate the screed head.

SXP Laser ScreedConcrete is poured from the delivery truck in 5 m strips across the floor area and the Laser Screed moves into position to allow the telescopic boom to be extended over the concrete. Once the screed head is lowered into position, the boom is retracted across the face of the freshly poured concrete, leveling and compacting it in a single pass.

For next pass SXP Laser Screed moves to the side (usually from left to right) which a small gush over on the finished surface. The process is repeated to work finishing. So with the help of machine SXP Laser Screed and regular uninterrupted concrete delivery 60-80 m3 per hour concrete floors can be laid in big areas (more than 50 m wide) and with a minimum of technological joints and with a high level exactness of surface.

Laser Screed and Topping SpeaderFor laying of high wearproof concrete floors SXP Laser Screed is added by machines STS Topping Spreader for mechanized filling of strengthening dry material additives. Because of it is got maximum of concrete floors productivity and Quality.

The machine SXP Laser Screed in conjunction with system 3-D Profiler allows to lay automatic concrete either according to relief or according to any other required relief. 3-D Profiler system approach ideally for concrete coating laying of car park, loading zone, cargo port dock, service stage, branch lines. It also can be used for laying of pavement and maintenance motorways, runways, bridges.

For floors works installation with usage of usual reinforcement is used staging system, it makes possible Laser Screed moving over the reinforcement.

Laser ScreedSXP Laser Screed  your real possibility for concrete coating laying of street parking, warehouse complexes, sales area and exhibition halls, aerodromes, loading zones, motorways with unbelievable productivity and exactness of execution  up to 5000 sq.m. per day only of one machine ROMEX SXP-12 Laser Screed.

The detailed technical information you can find on website Somero Enterprises www.somero.com

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