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STS Topping Spreader

STS Topping Spreader is a self propelled, all wheel drive machine for automatic spread of dry reinforcing mixture and for joint work with concrete lacing machine Laser Screed.
Spreader head a 1,82 m wide on the of a 6,1 m long telescopic boom allows to spread material over an 11 sq.m. area with each pass. The spreader head automatically loads with material from the onboard bulk storage hopper.

The Quick-Adjust head automatically changes the distribution rate of material applied to match the boom speed, assuring uniform coverage. Application rates between 1,5  9 kg per m2 in a single pass can be achieved, dependent on the density of the topping material.

The unique and versatile design of the STS Topping Spreader and Quick Adjust head allows accurate and consistent distribution of a wide variety of dry-shakes from fine materials to large aggregates such as emery and reducing airborne dust.

The precise and consistent application of dry-shake materials to the specified rate increases abrasion resistance, gives a more uniform colour and maintains flatness tolerance. Furthermore, the early application of the topping material, immediately after screeding, reduces the risk of delamination.

STS Topping Spreader is your real possibilities for high antiwear concrete floors laying, with unbelievable productivity and exactness of execution up to 5000 sq.m. per day only of one machine ROMEX STS-132 Topping Spreader.

The detailed technical information you can find on website Somero Enterprises www.somero.com

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