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PowerRake is mobile all wheel drive machine, that takes the grunt effort out of placing of concrete.

The PowerRake has the head lift, which is composed of plow-head. laser receiver, fitted in the centre of the plow-head, pick up signals from a laser transmitter and feed this back to the actuators, that continuously adjust the height of the machine,s cutting blade to the exact level.

Rugged and simple articulated steering mechanism is very responsive and makes the machine extremely maneuverable it tight quarters. The engine (13 ph) provides a smoother ride. The hydraulic drive motors keep the pulling low slump concrete and riding smoothly over chaired rebar and other obstacles.

Push/Pull Plow-head is both rugged and lightweight. It allows the machine to remove excess concrete or push it into low spots. Auto level sensor and cylinder perceives side to side levelness and continually/automatically adjusts side to side levelness of the machine.

PowerRake and CopperHeadRevolutionary in concept, its unique design allows the operator to ride-on the machine and rake the «dumped» concrete down to grade to  6,5 mm accuracy. The PowerRake is designed to work with all screeding equipment, from the handheld vibrating screeds on up to the CopperHead and even the large screeds.

The detailed technical information you can find on website Somero Enterprises www.somero.com

PowerRake  photo1
PowerRake photo1
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PowerRake photo2
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PowerRake photo3
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PowerRake photo4
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PowerRake photo5
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PowerRake photo6

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