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CopperHead XD

The CopperHead XD is a small, walk-behind, self-propelled unit that is operated by one person. In conjunction with Laser Screed techology it gives essential advantages and provides an alternative to hand laying concrete floors, which is one of the most arduous aspects of the floor laying process.

CopperHead XD has the screed head, which is composed of plough and vibroplate. Two laser receivers fitted to the end of the screed head receive level information from a laser transmitter and feed this back to high-speed actuators that continuously adjust the height of the machine's cutting blade.

 xd_photo_3 xd_photo_2 

On site, the concrete is poured as it would be if the floor was to be laid by hand, and operatives spread it roughly to level. The machine is then driven into the concrete and the screed head is activated as the machine is driven back. Behind the cutting blade a free floating, vibrating plate compacts and smoothes the concrete. The concrete laying with the help of CopperHead XD is intended for the clients who are aimed to better works execution while facing the fallowing difficulties:

  • reinforcing mat;
  • low slump concrete;
  • bad foundation.

xd_photo_4 CopperHead XD has a light weight and compact design, insures ease of operation. The engine (13 ph) provides a smoother ride. The hydraulic drive motors keep the XD pulling low slump concrete and riding smoothly over chaired rebar and other obstacles. The machine auto level system makes achieving high quality concrete floors either of small or big areas easer.

xd_photo_5 Copper Head XD joint use with ultrasonic level control device Sonic Tracer System expand usability of concrete lacing machine. Sonic Tracer System in conjunction with laser system controlled allows to lay concrete with standing defined thickness, and not with variable given level. In practice t his system allows to lay coating with give thickness with easy, following exactly foundation relief.
For example, in case of convex covering on profiled plate and so on, pavement.

CopperHead XD is your real possibilities for reinforced concrete paving on profiled plate, high reinforced concrete floors screeds, concrete pavement, with unsurpassed universality and mobility, speed and precision of performance up to 2000 sq.m. per day only with the help of machine ROMEX Somero CopperHead XD.

The detailed technical information you can find on website Somero Enterprises www.somero.com

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