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Synthetic resin coating

It is a question of epoxy resins and polyurethane for modern industrial coating of floors and walls.

polymeric coatingROMEX industrial floors are usually made from high quality epoxy resins or polyurethane binders as well as suitable fillers and this method has been proven itself in millions of square meters in all kinds of different project.

Whether in exhibition halls or car showrooms, engine production plants, the automobile industry, food industry, printing works or the highly load bearing floors in heavy industrial branches, ROMEX products will provide the correct system for your needs.

Our experts specialize in knowing the special needs of each industrial area and are thus able to suggest tailormade solutions.

For food industry flooring we are able to provide fast to food industrial floor coatings including the relevant certification. Furthermore we are able to offer joint free and boat shaped flooring, which has become necessary for the export industry in the European Union.

synthetic resin coatingAtomic power stations need certified and authorized floor coatings and paints that can be decontaminated and these we are able to provide also. Operating theatres, laboratories and other ex-protected rooms can have floors laid with our special electrostatic earth wire coatings.

You decide whether the surface should be smooth, non-slip or colored. Our industrial floors will satisfy your requirements as far as chemical resistance and high load bearing capacity are concerned.

synthetic resin coatingThe cooperation with scientific institutes, research facilities and test laboratories, combined with our own worldwide experience, have resulted in the high quality of ROMEX — products becoming widely known.

Expert craftsmanship together with high quality materials are the guarantee for long life industrial floors.

ROMEX industrial flooring is always a good investment due to it's quality and durability.

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