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Industrial floor cleaning and maintenance

Manual of industrial floors maintenance and cleaning with coatings on basis of synthetic resins and concrete

Total recommendation

ROMEX® industrial floors with coatings on basis of synthetic resins or concrete with high abrasion resistance surface are resistant to high loadings. In order to the surface holds its high qualities, it’s needs to clean regularly industrial floors. To do this ROMEX® high quality cleaners are specially developed. Offered here information are not obligatory, but they can help to save optimal appearance of your industrial floors for many years.

Cleaning types of industrial floors

Cleaning types Product name
First cleaning
of new industrial floor
ROMEX® Grundreiniger
Cleaning of existing floor
in the absence of product data that was used before or for removing of available floor maintenance system
ROMEX® Grundreiniger
Organic contaminant removing
for example: oil, varnish, paint and so on
ROMEX® Fleckenentferner
Maintenance / Protection
of industrial floor after careful cleaning
ROMEX® Siegel
Daily cleaning
of industrial floors
ROMEX® Unterhaltsreiniger
Instruments and tools:
  • broom or machine for scavenging (for free laying trash: sand, dust removing)
  • polishing machine with a green or black nozzle NYLONPAD depending on pollution range

  • special vacuum cleaner for neutralizing water and dirt removing
  • round bucket with capacity 8 l.
  • rectangular (oblong) bucket for ROMEX® Siegel (bucket should have the form of ROMEX® Klapphalter)

  • adapter ROMEX® Klapphalter for microfiber brush ROMEX® Microfasermop

Use description: 

Mechanical cleaning: it is recommended to make twice per year.
Before careful cleaning or clean after completion of works in coating laying floor should be released from free lying dirt (dust, sand…). For this purpose is used product ROMEX® Grundreiniger deluted in ration of 1:10 (1 l. ROMEX® Grundreiniger: 10 l. water). According to impurity range dosage can be varied, but ration should be not less than 1:5.
By cleaning of synthetic resins surface time of product effect should be short. By concrete floor cleaning time of product effect not play a part.
Cleaner is applied with the help of polishing machine. Polishing machine is recommended to equip with a green nozzle NYLONPAD. By very contaminated surface is recommended with a black nozzle NYLONPAD. After cleanser applying it should be laid to effect on the surface for about 5-10 minutes. 
For old sealing or cleanser removing we recommend to lay product ROMEX® Grundreiniger in ration of 1:5 and to clean so, as it is described over.
After surface cleaning dirt is collected with the help of rubber mop and floor-cloth or vacuum cleaned.
After dirt is removed, floor is neutralized with pure water. In conclusion, water is cleaned a vacuum cleaner for liquid removing or floor-cloth. If after cleaning stains are remained, they should be removed with ROMEX® Fleckenentferner (remover) concentrated. Product ROMEX® Fleckenentferner remove stains of organic origin so, as: oils, fats, varnishes, glues and paints. Please pay your attention: while using ROMEX® Fleckenentferner, existing defense layers will be also removed. It is recommended the areas with removed defense layers additional to process with the product ROMEX® Siegel.

First maintenance / sealing: it is recommended to make twice per year.
After cleaning by ROMEX® Grundreiniger undiluted product ROMEX® Siegel is laid on the clean dry floor. The product is poured out into oblong bucket (don’t pour out on the floor surface) and laid by pressed out ROMEX® Microfasermop.
The product is laid without effort by humid Microfasermop and in one direction. As only it is getting noticeable, that by product laying defense layer is getting uneven moisten Microfasermop again.
It is important that the product should be laid in sufficient amount otherwise spots and strips can be on. So, all area should be sealed twice. In conclusion let processed surface be dried up (between laying of the layers, depending on temperature of air, 20-40 minutes), because for second layer will be laid surface should be dry! After second layer will be laid first maintenance / sealing are finished. After second layer will be laid let product ROMEX® Siegel harden during 12-16 hours. At this time, surface shouldn’t be exposed to loadings. Defense layer ROMEX® Siegel (sealing) can be cleaned only by ROMEX® Unterhaltsreiniger (for daily cleaning). All other cleansers lead to destruction of protective layer.

Daily cleaning: it is recommended to make minimum twice per week.
For daily cleaning we recommended to use ROMEX® Unterhaltsreiniger. The product is used only deluted with optimum concentration 1:200 (50 ml product: 10 l water). The product is laid on the floor surface by moist floor-cloth for it we offer ROMEX® Microfasermop. Floor maintenance is recommended not less than twice per week.

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