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Construct-A-Slab Alliance

Four major players in the concrete flooring industry have formed an alliance to promote best practice in the design and construction of concrete slabs. These include Face Consultants Ltd, Somero Enterprises, Permaban and Multi-Quip.

 Concrete-A-Slab Alliance

The floor is arguably the most important part of the building. It is the table on which all operations take place. Not only is it part of the structure, but is also an integrated part of the materials handling system.

There are many variables in concrete slab construction and Construct-A-Slab aims to promote:
● Best practice in the construction of concrete industrial floors.
● Performance based specification based on industry acknowledged standards.
● Measurement and adherence to specification.

Concrete-A-Slab 2Alliance members have experience and expertise in specification, design, materials, placing, screeding, finishing and compliance testing. The Construct-A-Slab alliance exists to promote the building of quality concrete floors, fit-for-purpose which are right first time.

ROMEX-IB cooperates with the alliance members for our clients' benefit many years. We use the worldwide best practice and experience, applying technologically advanced concrete placing equipment and modern high quality materials. Thanks to the Most Efficient but Cost Effective and Fast Track Solutions we realize the projects assigned by our clients successfully in a perfect way.

Please visit Construct-A-Slab website or contact for more information.



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